We have been in the dog fencing business for 20 years now. Other dog fence companies have come and gone in the Tri-State area and we are still successfully containing our clients’ pets. We still provide top quality sales and service for the Tri-State area some 20 years later.


At Contain-A-Pet of Evansville we feel so strongly that we can contain you pet we offer a full 1yr money back containment guarantee. All we ask is that you allow us to work with you and your pet and follow our directions. Most pet fence companies only offer a 30 day money back guarantee and then only refund equipment cost not the labor.


Expensive conventional fencing like wooden or chain-link dog fences can allow your dog to dig under, jump over, or run through a open gate. Contain-A-Pet in addition to being less expensive and safer than traditional fencing can be easily customized to give your pet the freedom it needs as well as keep you dog out of certain areas,. Compared to conventional its

Peace of Mind

Contain-A-Pet dog fences allow you to truly enjoy pet ownership. It gives you the options of letting your dog have the entire yard or just the areas you want. Keeping them safe at home is Contain-A-Pet of Evansville s top priority and that gives you peace of mind knowing that you have given your pet the very best.


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