Hi.  I am Kris Crowder.  I am the owner of Contain-A-Pet of Evansville – Pro-Line.  Let me tell you a little about our Tri-State Dog Fence company.

In 1992 my retired father’s dog of 15 years passed away.  We went to the local Humane Society and got him a puppy. Like most dog owners, he was in need of a way to contain his new pet. He did his home work and bought an electric dog fence.  Being a DIY type of person, he installed it himself.

Even though he had retired, he did not just want to sit on life’s sidelines. After seeing the fence system contain his new dog successfully, it inspired him to purchase a pet containment business. He truly felt he could make a difference in a pets life … and he has.

Son follows Father … and I soon joined him in containing other family’s dogs.

I came from a long line of dog lovers and my father always made sure we had dogs and cats growing up.  During the next 10 years of this business I learned the industry from the ground up. I truly loved being in business with my father which brought us even closer together.

My father passed in 2001. It was a very hard time in my life.   I wanted to keep the legacy and business that we built going and honor his memory. How did I accomplish that?  By being very meticulous with dog training and fence installations as he always was. This business has always been my passion not only because of my father but for my love of animals.

We have been in the dog fencing business for 20 years now.  Other dog fence companies have come and gone in the Tri-State area and we are still successfully containing our clients’ pets.  We strive to provide quality service for electronic pet containment in the Tri-State area some 20 years later.

Call me for a free electronic dog fence estimate.  There will be no sales pressure as that is not what I am about. I will be happy to provide references of other owners like yourself.  Thank you.

Call 800-889-2324 or 812-499-4684.  Ask for Kris.