"How To Keep Your Pet Healthy, Happy And Safe In Your Yard ... It's Easy And It's Guaranteed!"

The Industry's Only 1 Year Money Back Containment Guarantee
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Hopefully, you are here because you want to keep your pet safe and happy in your yard without worry. Your Evansville Fence expert, Kris Crowder, can do just that.

So, who do you call to help you do that? Just any underground dog fence company? A catalog company? Your local department store? It may seem like a lot of choices, but it really is not.

Not all electric dog fences and dog fence companies are created equal. Contain-A-Pet uses real dog professionals. We evaluate each and every pet based on their personality and temperament to insure a fast, humane and safe adjustment to your system.

Call Contain-A-Pet of Evansville today for a FREE Evaluation of you property at 800-889-2324 or 812-499-4684!

It’s safe, quick and easy. In no time your dog will be running happily in his yard and you will be enjoying your new found freedom!

Contain-A-Pet of Evansville is confident that we can contain your dog (or cat) that we offer a full one year containment guarantee on each Contain-A-Pet dog fence installed. All we ask is that you follow our guidelines. We are the first and the only underground dog fence company in the industry to offer such a guarantee.

Let Kris meet you and your dog. Let us show you what we can do to improve the quality of your lives. No obligation. No pressure.

Call Today at or 800-889-2324 or 812-499-4684. Your dog will be glad you did !!!